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Red Herring - Pigs Upon A Ninja (official video)
Pigs Upon A Ninja

The official video clip for this set of original tunes written by Joram. The video clip was made by Cyrus Gabrysch.

Joram: fiddle
Paul: mandolin
Arthur: guitar
Loes: double bass



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Red Herring - Wedding Dress (official music video)
Wedding Dress

The official video clip for our version of this Appalachian traditional, which we recorded on our new CD, Here To Distract You. The video clip was made by Agnes Loonstra.

Loes: lead vocals
Arthur: vocals
: vocals
Paul: vocals




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No Hearts Won
No Hearts Won

Some nice footage from our performance at Matrix Rotterdam. Loes wrote this song in a moment of frustration abuot love and attraction. What seems like a narcissist’s anthem is actually meant to poke fun at romantic fantasies when seen in broad daylight: awkward and embarrassing. Recorded and edited by Yaşar Saka.

Loes: vocals, double bass
Arthur: guitar, vocals
Paul: mandolin, vocals
Joram: vocals




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Red Herring - Marriage Made In Hollywood (Paul Brady)
Marriage Made In Hollywood

We recorded this Paul Brady song during a rehearsal weekend in Dordrecht. It’s one of those songs we’ve been playing for quite a while now, and we love playing it!

Loes: vocals, double bass
Arthur: mandolin
Paul: banjo
Joram: guitar, vocals




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Red Herring - Garden Valley (live @ rehearsal session)
 Garden Valley

We recorded this folk ballad written by Dougie MacLean during a rehearsal weekend in Haulerwijk. The lyrics describe the lonely feeling of an immigrant fearing never to find rest, except in the bittersweet moments in which he dreams of home.

Loes: vocals, guitar
Floris: dobro
Arthur: mandolin

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Red Herring - Cashew Crusher (live @ rehearsal session)
 Cashew Crusher Set

This set consists of two mandolin tunes written by Arthur: The Cashew Crusher and The Road To Newcastle. It starts off slow, continues into a groove and ends up with Arthur working the strings like he’s trying to melt ‘m.

Arthur: mandolin
Floris: banjo
Joram: bouzouki
Loes: double bass

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Red Herring - In The Pines
 In The Pines

This traditional features one of our trademarks: powerful three-part harmonies. We recorded it on Joram’s balcony during a rehearsal session and ended up getting a standing ovation from the neighbours!

Loes: vocals
Arthur: vocals, mandolin
Joram: vocals, fiddle