Red Herring is available for workshops. In one or more workshops, the band will teach the participants (music school students, festival attendees, etc.) one or more bluegrass songs, focusing on the way instruments play together and techniques specific for bluegrass. Examples are:

  • Three-part harmonies
  • Guitar strum technique
  • “Double stops” (using double strings) on the fiddle (and thinking in chords)
  • The “chop”, a rhythmic way of playing on the mandolin or fiddle
  • Playing without sheet music and improvization

As an option, the course can be concluded with a performance. Loes van Schaijk is a qualified music teacher and conductor and Arthur Deighton is music therapist, which ensured the band has the didactic skills needed to provide a good workshop. The band can also coach teachers, so they can continue working on the lesson material with their students.

More information about the workshops? Contact Loes:

The individual Herrings can also be hired for workshops.
Loes van Schaijk is available for harmony singing lessons and band coaching. More information:
Paul van Vlodrop is available for banjo, mandolin, and guitar lessons. More information:
Arthur Deighton is available for mandolin and guitar lessons. More information:
Joram Peeters is available for lessons to beginning fiddle players. More information: